The career paths of hotel general managers in Mauritius

Authors: Ladkin, A. and Juwaheer, T.D.

Journal: International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management

Volume: 12

Issue: 2

Pages: 119-125

ISSN: 0959-6119

DOI: 10.1108/09596110010309925


Examines the career paths of hotel managers in Mauritius. Three themes relating to career paths are explored: career mobility, career planning, and the value of certain skills towards career development. Previous research and the current debates surrounding these issue are presented, followed by an examination of the Mauritian context. The results illustrate that hotel managers have a high degree of international mobility, the food and beverage function is the dominant route to hotel general management, hotel managers actively engage in long term career planning, and managerial skills are considered the most important for a career in hotel management. In light of these findings, the implications for the hotel industry in Mauritius are discussed. © 2000, MCB UP Limited

Source: Scopus