Information technology in peripheral small and medium hospitality enterprises: Strategic analysis and critical factors

Authors: Buhalis, D. and Main, H.

Journal: International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management

Volume: 10

Issue: 5

Pages: 198-202

ISSN: 0959-6119

DOI: 10.1108/09596119810227811


Small and medium hospitality organisations (SMHOs) are increasingly recognized as pivotal in the ability of destinations to benefit from tourism as well as to satisfy tourism demand. However, it is recognized that they are often marginalized from the mainstream tourism industry, owing to their inability and reluctance to utilize information technologies (ITs). This paper is based on research undertaken in peripheral SMHOs, located in rural Wales destinations, Alpine French resorts and the Greek Aegean Islands. It explores the factors determining the adaptation of ITs by examining the stakeholders of small hospitality organizations, as well as the push and pull factors they exercise. It also illustrates a number of catalysts for ITs penetration and future trends in the hospitality industry, e.g. disintermediation and mass customization. Argues that SMHOs which fail to adapt and utilize ITs will suffer competitive disadvantages and jeopardize the prosperity of destinations. © 1998, MCB UP Limited

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