The Importance of Context in Managerial Work: The Case of Senior Hotel Managers in Greece

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Authors: Giousmpasoglou, C.

Journal: Journal of Human Resources in Hospitality and Tourism

Volume: 13

Issue: 2

Pages: 146-172

eISSN: 1533-2853

ISSN: 1533-2845

DOI: 10.1080/15332845.2014.847303

Qualitative research on the interplay between context and hospitality managerial work has not been previously addressed in the literature. Based on the works of Johns (2006) and Dierdorff et al. (2009), this research suggests that luxury senior hotel managers (GMs and department managers) are to a certain degree recipients of contextual/cultural influences, depending on the ownership status of the hotel. It is also argued that managerial work is shaped and exercised by a set of moderating factors, which are unique for each individual. Overall, the aim of this research is to increase the level of awareness and trigger further research in this topic area. © 2014 Copyright © Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.

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