Evidence and ideology: moderating the critique of media Islamophobia

Authors: Richards, B. and Brown, L.

Journal: Journalism Education

Volume: 6

Issue: 1

Pages: 12-22

Publisher: Association for Journalism Education


Recent studies of British media coverage of Islam, influenced by Said’s critique of ‘Orientalism’, appear to have established that ‘Islamophobic’ stereotyping is highly characteristic of that coverage. However, a review of these studies finds that they fall into two groups. One comprises substantial empirical studies, which give grounds for serious concern but also indicate that this is a complex area in which some journalists are making efforts to avoid negative generalisations. In the other group of studies there is very little systematic empirical material, but a tendency towards polemical critique. This second group of studies has been influential in building a broad consensus about media Islamophobia. Some potentially damaging consequences of this consensus are discussed.



Source: Manual

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