RICIRMS as a strategic tool for small and medium tourism enterprises

Authors: Buhalis, D.

Journal: Tourism Management

Volume: 14

Issue: 5

Pages: 366-378

ISSN: 0261-5177

DOI: 10.1016/0261-5177(93)90005-6


The small and medium tourism enterprises (SMTEs) which dominate the international tourism market face difficulties in gaining access to CRSs because of their size/structural/functional problems. Following a brief analysis of SMTEs based on research undertaken at the Aegean Islands, Greece, it is proposed that regional Integrated computer information reservation management systems (RICIRMSs) can be utilized as a strategic tool for the development of both the SMTE and the destination. Managed by a Regional Tourism Committee, the RICIRMS should attempt to maximize the long-term business revenues for the SMTEs of the area, satisfy the needs of the more demanding tourist and Increase the benefits of tourism for the local area. Furthermore, RICIRMSs may be utilized to integrate the tourism products of the destination diagonally and also to force SMTEs to cooperate with each other in order to achieve economies of scope, synergies and system gains. It is concluded that SMTEs and destinations which do not develop RICIRMSs may find themselves at a competitive disadvantage as they will be unable to satisfy the needs of tourism demand and supply for the next century. © 1993.

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