Development of a wheelchair-mounted folding standing frame.

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Authors: Nash, R.S., Davy, M.S., Orpwood, R. and Swain, I.D.

Journal: J Biomed Eng

Volume: 12

Issue: 3

Pages: 189-192

ISSN: 0141-5425

Functional electrical stimulation (FES) is capable of providing standing function to certain mid-thoracic paraplegics following spinal injury. To be of use in the community such systems require the provision of a mechanical support attached to the user's wheelchair so that it is available for use at all times. The design specification was such that the frame should fit a wide range of wheelchairs, not increase the external dimensions of the wheelchair, be easily removed to enable transfers, provide a safe, stable support once erect and be quick and simple both to erect and to fold away. Although primarily designed for use as part of the FES standing system, the frame is also applicable for patients with a number of other chronic neurological or arthritic conditions. As such the specification has been extended so that the design is suitable for users with tremor or reduced upper limb function.

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