Marketing, art and voices of dissent: Promotional methods of protest art by the 2014 Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement

Authors: Patsiaouras, G., Veneti, A. and Green, W.

Journal: Marketing Theory

Issue: forthcoming 2018

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISSN: 1470-5931

Limited research exists around the interrelationships between protest camps and marketing practices. In this paper, we focus on the 2014 Hong Kong protest camps as a context where artistic work was innovatively developed and imaginatively promoted to draw global attention. Collecting and analyzing empirical data from the Umbrella Movement, our findings explore the interrelationships between arts marketing technologies and the creativity and artistic expression of the protest camps so as to inform, update and rethink arts marketing theory itself. We discuss how protesters used public space to employ inventive methods of audience engagement, participation and co-creation of artwork, together with media art projects which aimed not only to promote their collective aims but also to educate and inform citizens. While some studies have already examined the function of arts marketing beyond traditional and established artistic institutions, our findings offer novel insights into the promotional techniques of protest art within the occupied space of a social movement. Finally, we suggest avenues for future research around the artwork of social movements that could highlight creative and political aspects of (arts) marketing theory.

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Authors: Patsiaouras, G., Veneti, A. and Green, W.


Volume: 18

Issue: 1

Pages: 75-100

eISSN: 1741-301X

ISSN: 1470-5931

DOI: 10.1177/1470593117724609

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