A model of perceived image, memorable tourism experiences and revisit intention

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Authors: Zhang, H., Wu, Y. and Buhalis, D.


Journal: Journal of Destination Marketing and Management

Volume: 8

Pages: 326-336

ISSN: 2212-571X

DOI: 10.1016/j.jdmm.2017.06.004

Limited research has investigated the antecedents and consequences of memorable tourism experiences (MTEs) empirically. This study helps fill this gap by developing a causal relationship model among perceived image (including country image and destination image), MTEs and revisit intention. The model's predictive capabilities are explored in international tourism context by using PLS- SEM. The results indicate that country image and destination image influence revisit intention via the mediating effect of MTEs. The ‘perceived image-MTEs-revisit intention’ model is supported with 43% of MTEs and 28.7% of revisit intention explained. In addition, this study provides a classification framework of destination attributes (i.e. country image and destination image) in international tourism context for future research and destination marketing practice.

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