Calciothermic reduction of zirconium oxide in molten CaCl<inf>2</inf>

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Authors: Abdelkader, A.M. and El-Kashif, E.

Journal: ISIJ International

Volume: 47

Issue: 1

Pages: 25-31

ISSN: 0915-1559

DOI: 10.2355/isijinternational.47.25

The reduction of zirconium dioxide using liquid calcium and molten calcium chloride was investigated. The study focusing on the influence of reductant amount, reaction time, CaCl 2 amount, and temperature on the reduction process. Zirconium powder with oxygen content less than 800 ppm was obtained at 1 100°C after 3 h and by using two times the theoretical amount of Ca and four times that of CaCl 2 . The reduction reaction of ZrO 2 was found to be multi steps process through the formation of intermediate phase CaZrO 3 . The morphology of the obtained zirconium was observed to be highly affected by the reaction temperature. © 2007 ISIJ.

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