Preferential prescribing of type of combined oral contraceptive pill by general practitioners to teenagers with acne.

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Authors: Rowlands, S., Devalia, H. and Lawrenson, R.

Journal: Eur J Contracept Reprod Health Care

Volume: 6

Issue: 1

Pages: 9-13

ISSN: 1362-5187

OBJECTIVES: To determine the oral contraceptive prescribing patterns of general practitioners for teenagers in the UK and any preferential prescribing for those with acne. METHOD: The General Practice Research Database was used in a retrospective observational study. Records of females aged 13-19 years were examined for the years 1994 and 1997. RESULTS: In 1994, third-generation pills were widely prescribed, whereas, in 1997, levonorgestrel pills were most commonly prescribed. In those with a recent history of acne, the most commonly prescribed single product was one containing cyproterone acetate. CONCLUSION: General practitioners appear to favor cyproterone acetate-containing pills for those with acne; this proclivity became more pronounced after the pill scare. General practitioners had all but ceased using third-generation pills in 1997, even when there was a therapeutic indication.

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