Use of the combined oral contraceptive pill by under 16s.

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Authors: Rowlands, S., Devalia, H. and Lawrenson, R.

Journal: J Fam Plann Reprod Health Care

Volume: 27

Issue: 1

Pages: 17-19

ISSN: 1471-1893

The General Practice Research Database was used to examine prescribing of the combined oral contraceptive pill for females aged under 16 in England and Wales in 1997. From these data, calculations were made to estimate prevalence for these countries; family planning clinic return data were combined with the general practice estimates to give an overall figure of 4.2 per 100. This extent of use is low considering the amount of sexual activity now occurring. A weak effect of population density on prescribing was found, with higher rates in the more rural areas.

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