Patient-centered health care for infants: a qualitative analysis of mothers’ experiences and preferences

Authors: Miller, A., Telford, A.C.J. and Miller, J.

Journal: Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics

Volume: 15

Issue: 1

Pages: 1211-1216

Objective: Nowhere is patient-centered care more important than in the vulnerable time of the first few weeks of a new-born’s life. However little is understood about mothers’ experiences and preferences with health care. Method: Thirty-four mothers were interviewed using verbatim transcripts to code for key and recurrent themes regarding their experiences and preferences in health care for their infant. Results: Mothers valued honest and realistic reassurance, time with a health care professional who really listens and continuity of advice rather than inconsistent or conflicting advice. Mothers are often sent for chiropractic care on the recommendation of other health care professionals who recognize a biomechanical problem from birth trauma. Conclusion: Patient-centered care begins with understanding the patient, or in the case of infants, the parents’ needs for that patient. Clinicians who give time, attention, reassurance and consistent advice are valued by mothers who seek care for their infant.

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