Using the arts: Learning from a community consultation on health and wellbeing

Authors: Crossen-White, H., Norton, E. and Hemingway, A.

Journal: British Journal of Healthcare Management

Publisher: Mark Allen Publishing Ltd.

ISSN: 1358-0574

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Authors: Hemingway, A., Crossen-White, H. and Norton, E.

Journal: British Journal of Health Care Management

Volume: 24

Issue: 8

Pages: 395-403

ISSN: 1358-0574

DOI: 10.12968/bjhc.2018.24.8.395

© 2018 MA Healthcare Ltd. Local service commissioners require information about a community's needs in order to make spending decisions with limited funds. Gaining the knowledge required can be problematic. This article presents the findings from an innovative project which harnessed visual arts in order to facilitate expression of a community's health and wellbeing needs. The arts-based community consultation, was developed in partnership with a range of agencies and organisations who were engaged with a particular community. A qualitative evaluation study was devised to capture the process of delivering the community consultation to aid service commissioners' funding decisions. The findings demonstrated that an effectively managed arts-based creative consultation process can be a powerful mechanism for establishing a community's perspective on their health and wellbeing.

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