Ann Hemingway

Professor Ann Hemingway

  • Professor of Public Health and Wellbeing
  • Bournemouth House B129, 19 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, BH1 3LH
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My post focuses on research and enterprise in the field of public health with a specific focus on inequities in health. I am a registered nurse with a PhD and am currently public health lead for research and enterprise within the Centre for Practice Development and the Centre for Wellbeing and Quality of Life.


Arts Link Fizz Sherborne is a project funded through the Big Lottery focused on improving the wellbeing of local people through dance and the arts. Here at BU we are undertaking the evaluation over four years involved are Dr Liz Norton, Prof Ann Hemingway and Dr Caroline Elllis Hill.

Staying Active and Independent for Longer (SAIL) is a EU funded three and a half year study to develop eleven social innovations across three countries at BU Prof AnnHemingway, Prof Adele Ladkin and Dr Holly Crossen White are running the international feasibility study for this multi million pound project.

Further information -

VeggiEAT eu funded project 1.6 million euros co investigator current Reflections on changes in commissioning of health care and support current £4,000 primary investigator current Developing a model of change in reoffending behaviour facilitated by equine assisted learning with young offenders £5,000 primary investigator current

Journal Articles


  • Hemingway, A., fyall, A. and hartwell, H., 2017. Hospitable and Healthy Destination: A Collaborative Approach. In: Marra, E. and Melotti, M., eds. Mobilities and Hospitable Cities. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 66.
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PhD Students

  • abigail barkham, 2016. Group work as a method of service delivery for community matrons
  • tina graham, 2017. an autoethnography of empathic resonance
  • Andrew Harding, 2017. Housing advice and older people a realist evaluation
  • Pippa Hillen, 2020. Do nurses do public health?
  • folashade alloh, 2018. Nigerian diaspora living with type II diabetes a grounded theory
  • Elizabeth Waithaka, 2018. recommissioning public health nursing
  • Sarah Pyke. social tourism and public health
  • Sarah Price. Public Sector Food Service
  • abigail barkham. the role of the community matron in supporting social learning within patient groups
  • Luisa Cescutti-Butler. The experiences of delivery for mothers of pre term babies
  • Stacy Wall. The integration of tourism and public health policy
  • judith gleeson. health visiting and policy implementation
  • Sue Baron. Exploring the patient journey: an approach to patient centred healthcare improvement
  • alex effah. A grounded theory study on the experiences of buruli ulcer for individuals affecte in ghana

Profile of Teaching PG

  • public health management strategies
  • context and scope of public health

Profile of Teaching UG

  • evidence for practice

Invited Lectures

  • Global Public Health Nursing, London, 22 Mar 2018 more
  • Public Health + Home Care: making the links, Bristol, 01 Sep 2004 more
  • Public Health and Obesity, Institute Paul Boucouse Lyon France, 12 Apr 2016 more
  • Integrating public health and home care


  • SAIL - Staying Active and Independent for Longer (European Commission Directorate-General for Research and Innovation, 01 May 2017). Awarded
  • Arts Link Sherborne (Big Lottery Fund, 01 Apr 2017). Awarded
  • Recommissioning Public Health Nursing for Dorset (Public Health Dorset, 02 Oct 2014). Awarded
  • Wellbeing and tourism (ESRC, 01 Sep 2014). Awarded
  • Redefining Wellbeing (ESRC, 01 Sep 2014). Awarded
  • Commissioning a Wellbeing service for Dorset (Public Health Team Dorset, 01 Sep 2014). Awarded
  • arts and health (public health team dorset, 01 Jan 2014). Awarded
  • veggieat (EU commission, 01 Oct 2013). Awarded
  • Wellbeing in the workplace (Higher Education Funding Council for England, 01 Sep 2011). Completed
  • Exploring the impact of friendship clubs on older peoples health and wellbeing (Brendoncare Foundation, 01 Jan 2010). Completed
  • PHORUS Project - Public Health Open (Online) Resources in the University Sector Research Lead (JISC Joint information Systems Committee, 01 Sep 2008). Completed
  • Factors which Impact on Attendance at Cardiac Rehabilitation in Dorset (Healthworks, 30 Sep 2004). Completed
  • The Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease in Women on a Low Income (Higher Education Funding Council for England, 01 Sep 2003). Completed

External Responsibilities

  • World Health Organisation Public Health Nursing and Midwifery Collaborating Centre, Member (2018-2022)
  • Cyprus Research Institute, Reviewer for Research Bid applications (2017-)
  • Cochrane Collaboration, Member of Nursing Priorities Review Group (2013-2018)
  • Manchester Metropolitan, External Examiner for Peoples Uni MSc Public Healt (2011-2015)

Public Engagement & Outreach Activities

  • Public Health moving in to the Local Authority open event June 2012
  • Promoting the wellbeing of older people open event

Attended Training

  • HEA Leadership application, 12 Dec 2016


  • Dip HE in Nurse Teacher Qualification, (GNC, 1991)
  • Registered Nurse in Registered Nurse (GNC, 1984)
  • BSc (Hons) in Ed Honours Degree (Southbank University, 1991)
  • PhD in Inequities in health (2005)
  • PhD in PhD (University of Southampton, 2005)


  • Chair (European academy of caring science, 2013)
  • Nominated Chair (European Academy of Caring Science, 2013)
  • Partnership working award (Dept of Health, 2009)
  • membership (international scholarship society for nurses, 2011)


  • European Academy of Caring Science (Affiliate), Associate,
  • RCN, Member,
  • UK Public Health Association, Member,


  • Faculty of Public Health

External Media and Press

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