Development of high performance parasport prosthetic limbs: a proposed framework and case study

Authors: Dyer, B.

Journal: Assistive Technology

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Authors: Dyer, B.

Journal: Assist Technol

Pages: 1-8

eISSN: 1949-3614

DOI: 10.1080/10400435.2018.1527795

Sport with a disability has progressed from undertaking physical activity for recreation to one of a high performance environment at competitions such as the Paralympic Games. There is currently limited information and guidance to help inform stakeholders as to how to develop the high performance technology of elite athletes who possess limb absence. In this manuscript, a conceptual framework for high performance prosthetic limb creation is presented. This utilises a synthesis between contemporary product design theory and a review of existing case studies. This proposed framework is then applied to a case study. Ultimately, the framework provides an indicative guide to the creation of prosthetic limbs that emphasise technological performance enhancement over that of mere sporting participation.

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