The Narrative and Hypertext Workshop Series and the value of Workshops to Research Communities

Authors: Hargood, C.

Editors: Rubart, J.

Journal: ACM SIGWEB Newsletter (ACM Digital Library)

Volume: Summer 2018

Issue: Summer

Publisher: ACM

eISSN: 1931-1435

ISSN: 1931-1745


Narrative and Hypertext (NHT) is the longest running workshop series at ACM Hypertext, and as it enters its 8th year we reflect on the value of workshops to research communities, and how they enable dissemination and discussion in a different, but equally valuable, form to conferences. We look at NHT as a case study, and how through providing a publication venue for new ideas and early work alongside a substantial platform for key discussions it has supported it's community.

Source: Manual

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