From autographs to fan-celebrity selfies: A new media genre in the evolving participatory media culture

Authors: Veneti, A., Karadimitriou, A. and Patsiaouras, G.

Journal: Media@LSE Working Paper Series

Publisher: Media@LSE

Drawing on empirical data derived from an online survey, this paper examines the fan-celebrity relationship within participatory media culture through an examination of the fan-celebrity selfie and the classic type of autograph-taking. We argue that the fan-celebrity selfie is a new media genre whose value emanates from the possibilities of online publication and sharing, provided by the increasing number of digital platforms with user-generated content. Although both autographs and selfies signify a conquest on the part of fans, the achievement of a coveted or long-awaited contact with the celebrity world, selfies provide fans with an enhanced experience of a greater proximity, paving the way to a more intimate relationship.

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