Interdisciplinary Research in Public Health: Not quite straightforward

Authors: van Teijlingen, E., Regmi, P.R., Adhikary, P., Aryal, N. and Simkhada, P.

Journal: Health Prospect

Volume: 18

Issue: 1

Pages: 4-7

ISSN: 2091-2021

DOI: 10.3126/hprospect.v18i1.19337


Over the past few years the practice of disciplines collaborating in interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary research has grown in popularity and not just in the health field. In a multi-faceted discipline such as Public Health, interdisciplinary approaches are a welcome addition to the research field. Interdisciplinary research can bring new insights and understanding across disciplinary boundaries. Novel interdisciplinary research can transcend disciplinary boundaries to address sophisticated and so-called wicked problems in society. However, there are potential difficulties arising from researchers trained in different individual disciplines attempting to work together. We have highlighted some of these issues which interdisciplinary research in Public Health needs to consider and, where necessary, address before they become barriers.

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