Pramod Regmi

Dr Pramod Regmi

  • Lecturer International Health
  • Bournemouth House B220, 19 Christchurch Road, Bournemouth, BH1 3LH
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I am primarily interested in global health and have predominantly studied around young people’s sexual health, romantic relationships, diabetes, health promotion, migrants and travellers’ health, HIV, health of ethnic minority populations and research ethics. I also have an interest in Research Capacity Strengthening in low- and middle-income countries, particularly in the South Asia.

In addition to my teaching role around global public health issues, I am also leading a number of studies: a) exploring sex hormone use by male to female transgender population; b) health and lifestyles of Nepalese migrants in India; c) mental health components in pre-departure training to Nepalese migrants.

I studied MSc (Health Services and Public Health Research) and PhD (Public Health) at the University of Aberdeen, UK. I have also completed Master’s degree in Demography from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. Before joining to the Bournemouth University, I had worked for Family Health International 360 (FHI360) as a Senior Surveillance and Research Specialist...


Journal Articles



  • Simkhada, P., van Teijlingen, E., Bhujal, S., Gurung, M. and Regmi, P., 2018. Problems faced by Nepalese female migrants workers in the Gulf Countries: A quantitative survey. In: International Conference on Migration Health 1-3 October 2018 Rome. International Society of Travel Medicine.
  • van Teijlingen, E., Simkhada, P., Regmi, P., Aryal, N. and Adhikari, K., 2018. Skills transfer, employability & entrepreneurship of returnee labour migrants in Nepal. In: BNAC 16th Nepal Study Days (Nepal Conference) 16-17 April 2018 Durham.
  • Simkhada, P., Regmi, P., van Teijlingen, E. and Aryal, N., 2017. Identifying the gaps in Nepalese migrant workers’ health and well-being: A review of the literature. In: 15th BNAC Nepal Study Days 12-13 April 2017 Bournemouth. London: Britain-Nepal Academic Council, 1-16.
  • van Teijlingen, E., Simkhada, P., Regmi, P., Kurmi, O. and Hundley, V., 2017. How to apply for a PhD in the UK. In: BNAC 15th Nepal Study Days 12 April 2017 EBC< Bournemouth. London: BNAC, 1-16.
  • Alloh, F., Regmi, P., Pant, P.R., Simkhada, P. and van Teijlingen, E., 2017. Mental health among ethnic groups with diabetes in the UK. In: BNAC 15th Nepal Study Days 2017 12-13 April 2017 EBC, Bournemouth. London: BNAC, 1-16.
  • Barnard, K.D., Regmi, P., Dolan, T. and Molloy, T., 2017. Diabetes UK Type 1 Events: positive impact on diabetes self-management, quality of life and development of social/peer support networks for children and families. In: Diabetes UK Professional Conference 2017 8-10 March 2017 Manchester Central, England. Wiley: 12 months, 171.
  • van teijlingen, E., Regmi, P. and Simkhada, P., 2017. Role of Qualitative Research in Health Technology Assessment. In: International Conference on Transforming Lives & Healthcare through Technology 9-10 January 2017 India.
  • Regmi, P., Pandey, S. and Kachkyapati, S., 2012. Are newer female sex workers (FSWs) more vulnerable to HIV ? Comparison of key behavioural indicators from integrated biological and behavioural surveillance (IBBS) survey among FSWs in Kathmandu. In: 4th AIDS Conference 1-4 December 2012 Pokhara, Nepal.
  • Regmi, P., Shrestha, B., Dhungel, D. and Khanal, R., 2012. Can we use new technology for HIV prevention? A qualitative study among female sex workers (FSWs) in Nepal. In: 4th AIDS Conference 1-4 December 2012 Pokhara, Nepal.
  • Regmi, P., Van Teijlingen, E. and Simkhada, P., 2009. Dating and Sex: Perception and Practice among Young People in Nepal. In: 19th World Congress for Sexual Health 21-25 June 2009 Goteborg, Sweeden.
  • Regmi, P., Van Teijlingen, E. and Simkhada, P., 2008. Dating culture: Does it encourage young people’s sexual behaviour? In: 3rd AIDS Conference 3-8 July 2008 Kathmandu Nepal.
  • van Teijlingen, E., Simkhada, P., Bhatta, P., Regmi, P. and Simkhada, B., 2006. Sexual health knowledge and risky sexual behaviour among Trekkers' Guides in Nepal. In: 9th International Congress of Behavioral Medicine: Bridging Behavior and Health – Connecting the Hemispheres 29 November-2 December 2006 Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Regmi, P. and Bhattarai, R., 2005. What are the key gaps in accessing HIV prevention programmes in Nepal ? In: 3rd International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis and Treatment 24-27 July 2005 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Regmi, P., Bhattarai, R., Shakya, I., Lamsal, G. and Aryal, U., 2005. Role of out-of-school going Peer Educators to promote Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) among young people: experiences from Nepal. In: 7th International Congress on AIDS in ASIA and the Pacific 1-5 July 2005 Kobe, Japan.
  • Regmi, P., Subedi, K. and Lamsal, G., 2004. Baseline survey among adolescent students on adolescent reproductive health, HIV/AIDS/STD and sexual behaviours in Kathmandu, Nepal. In: The XV International AIDS Conference 11-16 July 2004 Thailand.

Internet Publications


  • Regmi, P., 2011. Sexual Culture among Young People in Nepal. PhD Thesis. University of Aberdeen, Section of Population Health.
  • Regmi, P., 2005. Sexual Behaviour of Trekking Guides of Nepal. Master's Thesis. University of Aberdeen, Section of Population Health.
  • Regmi, P., 2001. Utilisation of Maternal Health Care Services in Nepal. Master's Thesis. Tribhuvan University, Central Department of Population Studies.


PhD Students

  • Raksha Thapa. Discrimination by caste and access to health services in Nepal
  • Sulochana Rai-Dhakal. Assessing factors associated with high rate of Caesarean section in urban Nepal and possible strategies to overcome this trend: A hospital-based study
  • Aniebiet Ekong, 2021. Barriers and facilitators to the uptake of healthy eating messages by pregnant African immigrants living in the UK: perspectives of women and midwives

Profile of Teaching PG

  • Advanced Principles of Enquiry and Evidence Based Practice in Health and Social Care
  • Principles of Enquiry and Evidence Based Practice in Health and Social Care
  • Clinical Research Methods

Profile of Teaching UG

  • My Health and Wellbeing
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Fundamental Communication Skills
  • Service Improvement Project

Invited Lectures

  • Multidisciplinary Research: not easy, Nottingham, 24 May 2019 more


  • Effectiveness of health component of pre-departure orientation training for aspiring Nepali migrant workers (BU GCRF, 01 Jun 2019). Awarded
  • Patient Public Involvement (PPI) for the project ‘Kidney health related problems in migrant workers in Malaysia’ (BU's FHSS Pump Priming, 01 Apr 2019). Awarded
  • Mental health of female spouses of Nepalese labour migrants (FHSS, BU, 01 Jan 2018). Awarded
  • Mental health risk factors in Nepalese labour migrant workers and their perceptions of potential elements on mental health needed in pre-departure training (Bournemouth University (FHSS Seed Award), 01 Mar 2017). Awarded
  • Qualitative insights into epilepsy-related death and prevention: A narrative synthesis (Epilepsy Action, 01 Feb 2017). Awarded
  • Exploring hormone use among male to female transgender (MTF) populations in Nepal (Bournemouth University, 01 Mar 2016). Awarded
  • Sexual culture among young people of Nepal (University of Aberdeen and The Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland, 01 Jan 2006). Awarded
  • Utilisation of Maternal Health Care Services in Nepal (UNFPA, 01 Jan 2000). Awarded


  • PhD in Public Health (University of Aberdeen, UK, 2011)
  • MSc in Health Services and Public Health Research (Aberdeen University, UK, 2005)
  • MSc in Demography (Tribhuvan University, Nepal, 2001)
  • PGCE in Education Practice (Bournemouth University, 2018)


  • Nepal Bidhya Bhusan 'Ka' (Education award for my PhD degree from the President of Nepal) (Office of the President of Nepal, 2012)


  • Chitwan Medical College, Tribhuvan University, Nepal, Fellow (2015-),
  • Population Association of Nepal (PAN), Member,

External Media and Press

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