Tilt table practice improved ventilation in a patient with prolonged artificial ventilation support in intensive care unit

Authors: Hashim, A.M., Joseph, L.H., Embong, J., Kasim, Z. and Mohan, V.

Journal: Iranian Journal of Medical Sciences

Volume: 37

Issue: 1

Pages: 54-57

eISSN: 1735-3688

ISSN: 0253-0716


Patients who are on prolonged ventilator support in critical care unit present wide variety of complications, which range from reduction in oxygen uptake to various musculoskeletal impairments. Early mobilization and rehabilitation are encouraged to manage these complications effectively. Use of tilt table to motivate early mobilization in the intensive care unit for ventilator practices is not a usual practice. However, this new technique has attracted involvements of clinicians and therapists for its therapeutic benefits to the patient. Herein we describe a case of a seventy eight-year-old male patient who suffered Motor car accident, and was on ventilator support in intensive care unit for more than one month. He underwent treatment using a tilt table protocol with other routine treatment, which benefited him based on clinical as well as physiological variables. For practitioners in intensive care units, this report may offer perceptivity into the alternate practice of early mobilization using tilt table, and for investigators it may promote interest for further studies.

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