A collaborative learning model for student nurses in child mental health.

Authors: Hirdle, J., Keeley, S., Bareham, S. and Allan, L.

Journal: Nursing Times

Volume: 116

Issue: 2

Pages: 50-52

Publisher: Emap Healthcare Ltd.

ISSN: 0954-7762

Collaborative Learning in Practice (CLiP) is an alternative approach to student nurse placement learning originated and successfully implemented in Amsterdam (Yobo et al 2014). It has subsequently been trialled and applied to trusts in the UK. Primarily these have been in adult and community nursing (Harvey & Uren 2019) thus there is limited information about the applicability to student placement experiences in mental health services. The distinct differences between CLiP and traditional one to one mentoring models are the organisation of student learning and the philosophy being underpinned by principles of coaching (Yobo et al 2014).

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