A Leg(acy) to Stand on? A Non-Host Resident Perspective of the London 2012 Olympic Legacies

Authors: Ritchie, B.W., Chien, P.M. and Shipway, R.


Journal: Tourism management

Volume: 77

Pages: 1-42

Publisher: Elsevier

ISSN: 0261-5177

This study extended the temporal and spatial evaluation of mega-event impacts, by investigating residents’ perceptions of the Olympic legacies from a non-host community perspective. The study site was the Borough of Weymouth and Portland in South West England, which hosted the sailing competitions of the 2012 Olympic Games. Cross-sectional data were collected at two post-event intervals in 2013 and 2016. Across the two stages, the overall perceived legacies improved, with the most significant change related to perceived economic legacies and community legacies at the national level. Since residents’ attitudes toward the 2012 Olympic Games influenced their support for future event hosting, a strategic approach to event planning and leveraging is important to engender positive legacies that benefit broader communities than the host city. Future studies are recommended which replicate and extend this research to more fully understand resident support for mega-events.

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