Digital Radio in Europe: Review

Authors: Loeser, H.

Journal: Journal of Radio and Audio Media

Volume: vol. 2012

Issue: No 19: 80-84

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISSN: 1095-5046


Digital Radio in Europe: Technologies, Industries and Cultures is an aptly titled collection of essays describing the process of digitalization of radio in Europe. The term radio in this context generally refers to the traditional mass medium of audio production and terrestrial broadcast distribution currently found on the FM dial. That’s the starting point for a wide-ranging discussion of what radio in Europe is now, what it was in the past, and what it will be in the future. From the Forward on, the book informs about the basics of radio broadcasting, presents a broad contextual overview of radio in Europe, continues on through the technical aspects, examines differing paths to digitalization, and surveys prospects for the future of the medium. In between, readers get the benefit of academic research, comparative observations, expert analysis, and varying viewpoints. The book offers both the big picture of a Europe-wide perspective including the perspectives of industries such as manufacturers and commercial broadcast operators, as well as public service broadcasters, and even community radio broadcasters. Further, it drills down into the core of the competing technologies, explaining in great detail the information necessary for stakeholders to make informed decisions about the digitalization issue. Finally, true to the title, the authors examine the social and cultural aspects of changing technologies, including the often-mentioned “analogue ghetto” of operators and listeners left behind after a proposed digital switchover.

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