Managing abuse in sport: An introduction to the special issue

Authors: Kavanagh, E., Adams, A., Lock, D., Stewart, C. and Cleland, J.

Journal: Sport Management Review (Sport Management Association of Australia & New Zealand)

Publisher: Sport Management Association of Australia & New Zealand

ISSN: 1441-3523

This special issue was designed to advance a research agenda focussed on the management of abuse in sport. Despite progress in the field, greater attention to the structures, policies, processes, practices, and sites in which abuse occurs is required. As such, there is a need for evidence-based solutions to improve the management of abuse and integrity in sport. The authors identified 5 overarching themes across the 12 papers included within the special issue: the harms and legacies of abuse; abuse in mediated environments; abuse of referees; frameworks that sustain abuse; and safeguarding. The articles included in this issue highlight the complexity of abuse in sporting spaces, the impact it can have on victims and the challenges faced in appropriately managing sporting spaces toward the reduction of harm. This special issue is driven by the authors’ desire to promote integrity and enrich the sporting experience for all, with the hope of driving further research into the management of abuse and integrity in sport.

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