Carly Stewart

Dr Carly Stewart

  • Associate Professor and Head Of Department For Sport And Event Management
  • Dorset House D218, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB
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Carly is an Associate Professor and the Head of the Department for Sport and Event Management. She formerly worked at Cardiff Metropolitan University and gained her Ph.D. in Sport and Health Science (Sociology) from the University of Exeter in 2006.

Carly is a sociological narrative researcher of lives, bodies, identities, and storytelling in a range of disruptive and/or transitional contexts including sport and physical culture, health, education, and the workplace. She is interested in the ways individuals come to live with their stories in society and simultaneously how stories direct lives.

Areas of interest include the long-term impact of women’s gymnastics culture and abuse and the relationship between gender and violence, the transgender community experience of swimming, the athlete illness experience, and advocating for the use of autobiographies. Carly is currently leading a European-funded Interreg 2Seas project Speed-You-Up that helps at-risk young people improve their confidence, develop core competencies and transferable skills for employment and life through entrepreneurship across England, The Netherlands, Belgium, and France...


Journal Articles


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Internet Publications

PhD Students

  • Mara Mata. Cultural competency in sport coaching: An interactionist aprpoach
  • Samar Shahid. Teachers' perceptions of mental health and movement and how they impact upon a whole-school primary education mental health and movement intervention
  • Gary Evans
  • Rosie Harper
  • Rhiannon Lord


  • Clinical PhD Studentship: Nudging Post-Partum Adherence to Exercise (National Institute of Health and Medical Research with NHS ARC Wessex, 26 Apr 2021). In Progress
  • Safe Swim: Supporting Physical Activity and Wellbeing for Transgender People (British Academy, 01 Dec 2020). Completed
  • SPEED-You-UP: Students and NEET young people, Professionals and Educators work on Employability and Entrepreneurial skills in the battle against school Dropout and Youth UnemPloyment. (European Commission Intereg 2Seas, 02 Nov 2020). In Progress
  • PhD Studentship Stormbreak: Children's Mental Health and Movement (Osteotech Head Coach, 03 Sep 2018). In Progress

External Responsibilities


  • PGCE in Teaching in Higher Education (University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, 2011)
  • PhD in Sport and Health Science (Sociology of Embodiment) (University of Exeter, 2007)
  • BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science (University of Exeter, 2001)


  • Association for Coaching, Member (2021-),
  • British Sociological Association, Member,
  • The Henley Centre for Coaching, Member,