Carly Stewart

Dr Carly Stewart

  • Head Of Department For Sport And Event Management
  • Dorset House D218, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole, BH12 5BB
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Carly is Head of Department for Sport and Event Management. She joined Bournemouth University in 2016 and was previously a Senior Lecturer at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Carly gained her PhD in Sport and Health Science (Sociology of embodiment) from the University of Exeter in 2006. Carly's research is interdisciplinary and draws on sociology, psychology and literary criticism/autobiography studies. Her research interests are primarily focused around narrative identities and body-self relationships as they relate to the sociology of storytelling. Carly explores these issues via a range of auto/biographical methods. Recent research includes advocating for sports autobiographies as an analytical resource and of exploring the trouble that stories cause in lives. Carly is part of an international research group that is focused upon gymnastics culture and she is undertaking a British Academy funded project to explore the transgender experience of community swimming.

Carly is a co-convenor of the British Sociological Association Auto/biography Study Group and Editor of Auto/Biography Review.


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Journal Articles


  • Pope, J., 2020. Women’s Artistic Gymnastics. In: Kerr, R., Barker-Ruchti, N., Stewart, C. and Kerr, G., eds. Women’s Artistic Gymnastics. Abingdon: Routledge, 1-246.
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  • Lord, R. and Stewart, C., 2016. Looking to retirement: Possible future selves and identities of trampoline-gymnasts. In: LSA: Creating Leisure 14 July 2015-16 June 2016 Bournemouth University, Bournemouth, UK.
  • Stewart, C., 2016. The impact of the Lance Armstrong story on one serious male cyclist: A socio-narratology. In: ISSA World Congress of Sociology of Sport: The well-being of sport 11-14 May 2015 Paris, France.
  • Stewart, C., 2016. The female body in gymnastics practice: a biographical perspective. In: ”. IX International Congress of Physical Education and Human Movement 6 May 2015-9 June 2016 UNESP Rio Claro, Brazil.
  • Stewart, C., Schiavon, L.M. and Bellotto, M., 2015. Bodies in conflict with food: A perspective from Brazilian Olympic Gymnasts. In: BSA Auto/Biography Study Group Christmas Conference: Lives and conflic 16 December 2014 The British Library, London, UK. Taylor & Francis (Routledge): SSH Titles.

Internet Publications

PhD Students

  • Mara Mata. Cultural competency in sport coaching: An interactionist aprpoach
  • Samar Shahid. Teachers' perceptions of mental health and movement and how they impact upon a whole-school primary education mental health and movement intervention

Profile of Teaching PG

  • Contemporary Issues in Sport Management

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Unit leader for Research Methods


  • Safe Swim: Supporting physical activity and wellbeing for transgender people (British Academy, 01 Dec 2020). In Progress

External Responsibilities


  • PGCE in Teaching in Higher Education (University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, 2011)
  • PhD in Sport and Health Science (Sociology of Embodiment) (University of Exeter, 2007)
  • BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science (University of Exeter, 2001)


  • Leisure Studies Association, Member,
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