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Dr Carly Stewart

  • cstewart at bournemouth dot ac dot uk
  • Principal Academic in Sport
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Carly's teaching and research interests are primarily focused around embodied narrative identity formation in a variety of contexts, explored via a range of auto/biographical methods. Current research focuses specifically on the storied lives of gymnasts, and sporting autobiographies as cultural resources.

Currently, Carly is part of a group which aims set the future direction of gymnastics research for national and international funding, and initiate a public platform to engage stakeholders and shape their involvement. She is a reviewer for a number of journals (including European Physical Education Review; International Review for the Sociology of Sport; Sport, Education and Society; Leisure Studies; Sports Coaching Review; Sport in Society; Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health).

Carly recently joined Bournemouth University in 2016 as Senior Lecturer in the Department of Sport and Physical Activity. Prior to this she was a Senior Lecturer at Cardiff Metropolitan University, having gained her PhD from the University of Exeter in 2006.


  • Stewart, C. and Pullen, E., 2016. Monadic, material and mirroring: Female bodies in track athletics culture. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 51 (6), 658-678.
  • Stewart, C. and Sparkes, A.C., 2015. Taking sporting autobiographies seriously as an analytical and pedagogical resource in sport, exercise and health. Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health.
  • Stewart, C., Schiavon, L.M. and Bellotto, M.L., 2015. Knowledge, nutrition and coaching pedagogy: a perspective from female Brazilian Olympic gymnasts. Sport, Education and Society.
  • Stewart, C., Sparkes, A.C. and Smith, B., 2011. Sporting autobiographies of illness and the role of metaphor. Sport in Society.

Journal Articles


  • Stewart, C., 2017. Utilizing sporting autobiographies for feminist research: The case of cyclist nicole cooke. The Palgrave Handbook of Feminism and Sport, Leisure and Physical Education. 293-311.
  • Stewart, C., Jones, R.L. and Kingston, K., 2011. Negotiating Expectations in Football's Complex Social Culture. In: Gilbourne, D. and Anderson, M.B., eds. Critical Essays in Applied Sport Psychology. Human Kinetics.
  • Stewart, C., Lord, R. and Wiltshite, G., 2010. Ease of Movement and Freedom of Corporeal Expression? Femininity, the body and leotards in Trampoline Gymnastics. Leisure Identities and Authenticity: LSA Publication No 110. Leisure Studies Association.


  • Lord, R. and Stewart, C., 2016. Looking to retirement: Possible future selves and identities of trampoline-gymnasts. In: LSA: Creating Leisure 14 July 2015-16 June 2016 Bournemouth University, Bournemouth, UK.
  • Stewart, C., 2016. The impact of the Lance Armstrong story on one serious male cyclist: A socio-narratology. In: ISSA World Congress of Sociology of Sport: The well-being of sport 11-14 May 2015 Paris, France.
  • Stewart, C., 2016. The female body in gymnastics practice: a biographical perspective. In: ”. IX International Congress of Physical Education and Human Movement 6 May 2015-9 June 2016 UNESP Rio Claro, Brazil.
  • Stewart, C., Schiavon, L.M. and Bellotto, M., 2015. Bodies in conflict with food: A perspective from Brazilian Olympic Gymnasts. In: BSA Auto/Biography Study Group Christmas Conference: Lives and conflic 16 December 2014 The British Library, London, UK. Taylor & Francis (Routledge): SSH Titles.

Internet Publications

PhD Students

  • Amelia Johnstone
  • Mara Mata
  • Bethany Cleeve. A narrative exploration of the body-self relationship of physically active females with anxiety
  • Mara Mata. The Customs of Coaching exploring how inter-cultural awareness can enhance the knowledgeability and pedagogical practices of volleyball coaches

Profile of Teaching PG

  • Sports Principles and Practice: Level 7, N = 15, 2 assessments (unit leader)
  • Sport, Body and Society (module leader): Level 7, N=10. Contribution: 10 weeks 2 assessments (@Cardiff Metropolitan University)
  • Sporting Bodies and Social Identities (module leader): Level 7, N=10. Contribution: 10 weeks, 1 assessment (@ Cardiff metropolitan University)
  • Research Methods for Sports Studies (Qualitative Stream leader): Level 7, N=26. 10 weeks, 1 assessment. (@Cardiff Metropolitan University)

Profile of Teaching UG

  • Sport, Leisure and Politics: Level 6, N=15, 2 assessments (guest lecturer and second marker)
  • Research Methods: Level 5, N = 200, 1 assessment (tutor)
  • Sports studies: A critical introduction (tutor): Level 4, N=30. Contribution: 4 weeks, 1 assessment. (@Cardiff metropolitan University)
  • Sociology of Sport (tutor): Level 5, N=40. Contribution: 12 weeks, 2 assessments. (@Cardiff metropolitan University)
  • Sport and Culture (module leader): Level 6, N=20 students. Contribution: 12 weeks, 1 assessment. (@ Cardiff Metropolitan University)

Internal Responsibilities

  • PG programme directors representative Cardiff Metropolitan University, Learning and Teaching Committee
  • Member / co-lead, DPSA UG Programme Review working group


  • BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science (University of Exeter, 2001)
  • PhD in Sport and Health Science (Sociology of Embodiment) (University of Exeter, 2007)
  • PGCE in Teaching in Higher Education (University of Wales Institute, Cardiff, 2011)


  • Leisure Studies Association, Member,
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