The Use of Systems Thinking, Systems Practice, to Elicit the Effectiveness of Cancer Support Services in the Southwest of England.

Authors: Evans, G., Hamerston, L., Cherrett, L.M. and Sadd, D.

Journal: International Journal of Systems and Society

Volume: 5

Issue: 2

Pages: 13-29

ISSN: 2327-3984

DOI: 10.4018/IJSS.2018070102

This article summarises the findings of a systemic analysis of Living Well and Active's coordination and delivery of physical activity, health and well-being interventions for those living with cancer in the Southwest of England. The 16-month analysis was informed by cancer charities, consultants, healthcare professionals, local government officers, patients and physical activity health and well-being deliverers. Whilst the findings proved there were pockets of good practice such as interventions delivery, organisations were found to be operating in a fragmented way, were resource starved and struggling to make sense of the top-down imposed healthcare policy changes. This meant the cancer referral process only captured 1:10 cancer survivors who could be assisted on their pathway to normalisation. However, participants' conceptualised a different cancer referral process and a hub of practice similar to Living Well and Active to lead physical activity, health and well-being interventions, to improve the 1:10 cancer referral process.

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