Towards normalising abortion: findings from a qualitative secondary analysis study

Authors: Rowlands, S., Purcell, C., Maxwell, K., Bloomer, F. and Hoggart, L.

Journal: Culture, Health & Sexuality

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISSN: 1369-1058

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Authors: Purcell, C., Maxwell, K., Bloomer, F., Rowlands, S. and Hoggart, L.

Journal: Cult Health Sex

Pages: 1-16

eISSN: 1464-5351

DOI: 10.1080/13691058.2019.1679395

In most settings worldwide, abortion continues to be highly stigmatised. Whilst a considerable body of literature has addressed abortion stigma, what is less commonly examined are the ways in which those with experience of abortion describe it in non-negative terms which may resist or reject stigma. Drawing on qualitative secondary analysis of five UK datasets using a narrative inquiry approach, we explore: the use of non-negative language around abortion, potential components of a normalising narrative, and constraints on non-negativity. As such, we present the first empirical UK study to critically examine how a dominant negative abortion narrative might be disrupted.

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