Student midwives' views of self-assessment

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Authors: Wilkins, C., Leamon, J., Rawnson, S. and Brown, S.

Journal: British Journal of Midwifery

Volume: 16

Issue: 2

Pages: 88-93

ISSN: 0969-4900

DOI: 10.12968/bjom.2008.16.2.28341

Student self-assessment is a valuable skill which can enhance effective learning and facilitate continuing professional development. This article reports on a qualitative exploration of self-assessment, which formed part of a larger action research project into a pre-registration midwifery programme. Analysis of the data identified four key themes: understanding; preparation; value; and ability. Underpinning these themes was the students' desire for greater clarity of understanding of the self-assessment process, together with a desire for more preparation for the process through the provision of a supportive tutorial framework. This should include opportunities to discuss, develop and practice assessment criteria and receive relevant feedback on self-evaluations. The findings provide a rationale for recommending the development of a structured approach and identified pathway following the progress of self-assessment skills in all units, aimed at facilitating a more comprehensive engagement with the self-assessment process by both students and tutors and enhancing understanding of its value to future learning.

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