Supporting the vulnerable child: Engaging fathers in the home-school dimension of pastoral care

Authors: Mantle, G., Gelling, L. and Livingstone, S.

Journal: Pastoral Care in Education

Volume: 24

Issue: 3

Pages: 41-48

eISSN: 1468-0122

ISSN: 0264-3944

DOI: 10.1111/j.1468-0122.2006.00378.x


Drawing on findings from a recent study of pastoral care within a primary school, this article highlights the role of fathers as a key factor in a range of successful interventions. While gains can be made in work with vulnerable children, the home school dimension of pastoral care deserves far greater attention by schools, educationalists and researchers than it has so far received. The English government has a strategy to promote a closer relationship between parents and primary schools: much depends upon the resources available to schools and the commitment of staff. © 2006 NAPCE.

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