From Decline to Growth: Innovative Strategies for Manufacturing Small Cultural Tourism Enterprises - Westons Cider Case Study

Authors: Augustyn, M.

Journal: Tourism, Culture and Communication

Volume: 2

Issue: 3

Pages: 153-164


The sector of small cultural tourism enterprises (SCTEs) is a significant contributor towards the development of local economies, especially in rural areas. A high percentage of such companies are, however, at a stage of decline or survival. This article aims to establish which innovative strategies can be adopted by manufacturing SCTEs in order to stimulate their growth. A case study approach, with Westons Cider in Herefordshire (UK) constituting its subject, has been adopted. Three innovative strategies for growth employed by this company have been identified and evaluated. They include focus on tradition as a niche strategy, diversification, and ISO 9000 as a strategy for quality management. While the former two strategies are aimed at establishing the company’s position in the regional market, the latter makes the enterprise an important player in national and global terms. The article concludes that whichever strategy is employed by a manufacturing SCTE, it has to be dynamic and proactive to allow the company to become an innovator within the market in which it wishes to grow.

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