‘Policy alignment in the European audio-visual sector: A small-market perspective from Estonia’

Authors: Loeser, H. and Rohn, U.


Journal: Journal of Digital Media & Policy

Volume: 11

Issue: 1

Pages: 7-28

The policy changes in the reform of the EU Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) and implementation the digital single market (DSM) have recently been a major topic of debate among policy-makers and stakeholders alike. The European Commission (EC), through its various online publications, has sought to inform this discourse and promote acceptance of the reforms by communicat- ing numerous benefits of the proposed new policy. Deploying a mixed-methods approach, our research examines the benefits of policy reform promised by EC online publications, how these proposed benefits are evaluated by industry stake- holders in Estonia, and if the two are aligned. By our definition, policy can be in alignment with industry stakeholders when it accurately addresses their values, needs and priorities. In detail, the research looks at how each of the proposed benefits aligns with what industry stakeholders in Estonia see as important for the audio-visual industry in general, important for their own professional interests, whether a policy change was needed, and finally whether they think that a policy change would be effective. Though a wealth of research can be found about the impact of policies on stakeholders, our article queries those stakeholders about their views, and addresses a perceived gap in existing research on the alignment of policy.

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