El periodismo científico y el uso de la emociones en las narrativas noticiosas en la era de la posverdad: Un estudio comparativo de entre el Reino Unido y la India

Authors: Lugo-Ocando, J. and Gl├╝ck, A.

Journal: Contratexto

Volume: 29

ISSN: 1025-9945

DOI: 10.26439/contratexto2018.n029.1863


In the following article, the authors examine the power of scientific journalism to attract and bond with news audiences. They observe how the normative expectations of being objective and impartial have become an obstacle for the communication of science despite being absolutely necessary to achieve rigor. As the authors point out, the problem is that although journalists recognize the need to incorporate subjective elements related to the emotional and human, the nature of the scientific source prevents and limits the ability of journalism to make the relevant scientific news in an era where emotions in public communication are increasingly relevant. The article reflects the results of an investigation developed in 2017-2018 and is based on semi-structured interviews with 52 journalists in India and the United Kingdom and the closed reading of a sample of scientific news produced in both countries.

Source: Manual