The phenomenon of e-business networking: a critical review

Authors: Ghosh, S. and Bertisen, M.

Journal: International Journal of Information Technology and Management

Volume: 6

Issue: 2-4

Publisher: Inderscience

ISSN: 1461-4111

DOI: 10.1504/IJITM.2007.014003


Today's fast-moving global business environment is forcing e-businesses to experiment with new forms of operational organisations. Collaborative strategic networking is essential in order to survive and succeed in the new economy emerging from the e-phenomenon. Networking, however, is a very advanced and complex form of cooperation, requiring careful consideration and critical evaluation of many e-business aspects. On the basis of the critical review of literature, this paper proposes a conceptual model for e-business networking consisting of 18 Critical Success Factors (CSF), integrated in four categories in which strategic network performance represents the core, surrounded by network marketing, network design and network value delivery. This categorisation is important for practical applicability of the model. Based on the findings of a pilot survey among e-businesses, an importance index of CSF was developed, supporting the criticality of the success factors. This paper also provides specific suggestions for further improvement and development of the proposed model.

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