An Annotated Bibliographical Survey on Cyber Intelligence for Cyber Intelligence Officers

Authors: Yucel, C. and Koltuksuz, A.

Journal: Journal of Information Warfare

Volume: 13

Pages: 1-11

Publisher: Peregrine Technical Solutions


Since 2008, Cyberspace is officially regarded as a distinct military domain, along with land, sea, and air for many countries (Goel 2011). The nature of warfare in cyberspace is radically different than traditional warfare: the attacks are more remote, stealthy, and detecting the identity of the adversary may be impossible (Greengard 2010). Nations need intelligence in this relatively new domain of war in order to know the strengths and weaknesses of other nations and themselves. This paper presents a literature survey on computer science methodologies that can be useful for intelligence officers working in cyberspace.

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