Sustainable procurement practices in the Brazilian chemical industry context

Authors: Souza Piao, R., Ide, M.S., Scur, G., Campos-Silva4, W.L. and Khorana, S.

Journal: Exacta

Volume: 18

Issue: 3

Pages: 583-602

Publisher: Universidade Nove de Julho

ISSN: 1983-9308


Sustainable procurement requires an understanding of the full impact of purchase throughout the entire life cycle of the product or service, irrespective of location. The aim is to investigate the adoption of sustainable procurement in some Brazilian chemical companies. Questionnaires were sent to professionals from the Brazilian Chemical Industry Association (ABIQUIM) and from thirtyseven associated companies. The results were used to elaborate empirical illustrations about sustainable procurement practices in the Brazilian chemical industry context. Although the companies did not have a prescriptive supplier selection model that incorporates social-environmental criteria, most companies had more restrictive standards than the legislation and they supported suppliers to improve their social-environmental performance. In addition, that actions related to social and environmental issues occur in policies and documents and are reflected through middle and upper management commitments. It indicates that there are some organizational directions to incorporate social and environmental questions. However, no materialization in actions along the procurement process.

Source: Manual

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