A review of current use of commercial wearable technology and smartphone apps with application in monitoring individuals following total hip replacement surgery

Authors: Bahadori, S., Collard, S., Williams, J. and Swain, I.



The advent of commercially available wearable activity monitors and smartphone apps allows objective digital monitoring of daily activities of patients before and after THR surgery. A wide variety of wearable activity monitors and smartphone apps are being marketed to assist with enhancing physical activity following surgery. A systematic review of commercial wearable tech- nology and smartphone apps was undertaken to assess the evidence supporting their efficacy in assisting rehabilitation and patient monitoring following THR. A search was conducted using the electronic databases including Medline, CINAHL, Cochrane, PsycARTICLES and PubMed of studies from January 2000 to January 2019. Five studies met the eligibility criteria. A review of the studies found very little evidence to support long term efficacy of the technology in enhancing rehabilitation and patient monitoring post THR. Future work is required to establish which commercially available monitoring technology is most valuable to patients, which ones improve clinical outcomes post THR, and what are the best economical models for their deployment.


Source: Manual