Evaluating the impact of online peer to peer value co-creation in online Hospitality sector

Authors: Alqayed, Y., Foroudi, P., Dennis, C., Foroudi, M. and Kooli, K.

Journal: European Journal of International Management


To understand the concept of peer value co-creation behavior and its antecedents and consequence, this study employed theory of service-dominant logic and social identity to address the main research question “to what extent does peer value co-creation behavior and its antecedents lead to peer satisfaction, peer loyalty, and active participation?” A total of 47 data were conducted via 24 in-depth interviews with employees and managers from diverse organisations and four focus groups (23 participants - consists of 5-6 participants per group) with employees, and users of hospitality online brand community, MBA and undergraduate students, and doctoral researchers. This study recognized the key antecedents of peer value co-creation behavior on peer value co-creation and the key consequences. This research has essential implications for theory expansion, development of current literature in the field and business practices.


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