Migrants, State Responsibilities, and Human Dignity

Authors: Brownsword, R.

Journal: Ratio Juris

Volume: 34

Issue: 1

Pages: 6-28

eISSN: 1467-9337

ISSN: 0952-1917

DOI: 10.1111/raju.12303


This article addresses two questions: First, how does the value of human dignity distinctively bear on a state’s responsibilities in relation to migrants; and, secondly, how serious a wrong is it when a state fails to respect the dignity of migrants? In response to these questions, a view is presented about the distinction between wrongs that violate cosmopolitan standards and wrongs that violate the standards that are distinctive to a particular community; about when and how the contested concept of human dignity might be engaged; and, elaborating a three-tiered and lexically ordered scheme of state responsibilities, about how we should assess the seriousness of a state’s failure to respect the dignity of migrants.


Source: Scopus