Space Shift Keying Signal Detection Approach Based on Compressed Sensing in Indoor VLC System

Authors: Zuo, T., Wang, F.S., Zhang, J.K. and Li, R.

Journal: Tien Tzu Hsueh Pao/Acta Electronica Sinica

Volume: 50

Issue: 1

Pages: 36-44

ISSN: 0372-2112

DOI: 10.12263/DZXB.20210276


Aiming at the signal detection problem in indoor visible light communication(VLC) system based on space shift keying(SSK), in this paper, by converting signal detection into a sparse signal reconstruction problem, the sparsity signal reconstruction algorithm in compressed sensing(CS) becomes a competitive complement detection approach for its relatively low computational complexity in indoor VLC system. In order to satisfy the measurement matrix property to perform sparse signal reconstruction, a preprocessing approach of measurement matrix is proposed aided by singular value decomposition(SVD), which theoretically guarantees the feasibility of using sparse signal detection method based on CS in indoor VLC system. Then, by adopting classical orthogonal matching pursuit(OMP) algorithm and compressed sampling matching pursuit(CoSaMP) algorithm, the SSK signals are efficiently detected in the considered indoor VLC system. Meanwhile, a novel OMP combined with maximum likelihood(ML) detection algorithm is presented to detect sparse signal. Finally, the effectiveness of this algorithm in indoor VLC system based on SSK modulation is verified by computer simulations. The results show that for SSK modulation technology in VLC system with practical system parameters setting, the performance of the proposed CS detection algorithm can achieve better bit error rate and lower computation complexity than ML based detection method.

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