Post-Pandemic Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction Among Airline Crew: A comparative study of two airlines.

Authors: Marinakou, E.

Journal: Journal of Tourism Research

Volume: 29


This study aims to explore how Covid-19 has influenced airline cabin crew job satisfaction and motivation to work in the sector. A qualitative approach was adopted with 32 semi-structured interviews among cabin crew employees at two national carriers in EU, namely British Airways and TAP. The purpose is to provide a comparative analysis between the two companies and identify any potential differences and similarities in terms of job satisfaction of cabin crew. The key findings suggest that cabin crew is resilient in dealing with crisis. Flight attendants found ways to turn the crisis into an opportunity to grow and be developed. Job satisfaction after the pandemic is based on health and safety, job security, good working relationships, mentoring and human capital policies. This paper proposes that airlines should adopt the recommended strategies which enhance job satisfaction such as scheduling, knowledge transfer and mentoring.

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