Local/global flows and altered production practices: Narrative constructions at the 1995 Canada cup of soccer

Authors: Silk, M.

Journal: International Review for the Sociology of Sport

Volume: 34

Issue: 2

Pages: 113-123

eISSN: 1461-7218

ISSN: 1012-6902

DOI: 10.1177/101269099034002002


This article argues that empirical considerations of production processes have been largely neglected in discussions of the global/local flows associated with telecasting mass-mediated sport. An ethnographically oriented analysis of the labor processes involved in televising the 1995 Canada Cup of Soccer (CCS) was conducted in order to establish the contexts, pressures, and discourses that operate at the level of production. The article focuses on how conditions created by global capitalism altered the labor processes involved in the production of the event. As a result, the crew's interpretations of the CCS operated both within and through a consumer-oriented global logic. © ISSA and SAGE Publications.

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