Short video marketing in tourism: Telepresence, celebrity attachment, and travel intention

Authors: Zhu, C., Fong, L.H.N., Li, X., Buhalis, D. and Chen, H.

Journal: International Journal of Tourism Research

eISSN: 1522-1970

ISSN: 1099-2340

DOI: 10.1002/jtr.2599


Drawn upon Telepresence theory, this study aims to identify the relationships between existential authenticity, celebrity attachment, telepresence, and travel intention in the short video experience. Survey results show that existential authenticity fosters user attachment to celebrity and then travel intention, but has no impact on telepresence which is also not related to travel intention; Furthermore, celebrity attachment enhances travel intention. Although existential authenticity has no effect on telepresence, celebrity attachment mediates the relationship between existential authenticity and telepresence. This study offers insights to both scholars and practitioners, informing strategies for enhancing destination competitiveness through TikTok marketing campaigns.

Source: Scopus

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