Investigation of Nonlinear Thermo-Elastic Behavior of Fluid Conveying Piezoelectric Microtube Reinforced by Functionally Distributed Carbon Nanotubes on Viscoelastic-Hetenyi Foundation

Authors: Azhdarzadeh, M., Jahangiri, R., Allahverdizadeh, A., Dadash Zadeh, B. and Nabati, R.

Journal: European Journal of Computational Mechanics

Volume: 31

Issue: 1

Publisher: River Publishers

ISSN: 1779-7179


In this paper, nonlinear and nonlocal thermo-elastic behavior of a microtube reinforced by Functionally Distributed Carbon Nanotubes, with internal and external piezoelectric layers, in the presence of nonlinear viscoelastic-Hetenyi foundation, and axial fluid flow inside the microtube is studied. Nonlinear partial differential equations governing the system are derived using Reddy’s third-order shear deformations theory along with the Von-Karman theory including the effect of fluid viscosity. Then, the equations are converted to time-dependent ordinary nonlinear equations using the Galerkin method. Afterward, the governing equations of the microtube’s lateral displacements are solved using the multiple scales method. The analysis of the piezoelectric’s parametric resonance is performed by obtaining trivial and nontrivial stationary solutions and plotting characteristic curves of the frequency response and voltage response. At the end, the effect of different parameters including the flow velocity, excitation voltage, parameters of the foundation, viscosity parameter, thermal loading and nanotubes’ volume fraction index on the nonlinear behavior of the system, under parametric resonance condition, is investigated.

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