Assessment of housing choice criteria for the universities' students in North Cyprus using AHP method

Authors: Tümer, M., Aghaei, I. and Lasisi, T.T.

Journal: International EUropean Journal of Managerial Research

Volume: 3

Issue: 4

Pages: 65-86

eISSN: 2602-4179


Considering the effective factors of student housing choice in North Cyprus universities, this study attempts to explore the most significant criteria in advance, then evaluates the importance of criteria by applying the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) is one the more broadly used multi-criteria decision making (MCDM) methods with pairwise comparisons between criteria. Feedback of the first part of the study was gained using sixty interviews to know how the quality of housing service can be improved for universities' students, and consequently, for the second part of the research, via hundred valid AHP standard questionnaires. A four-level hierarchical model was structured with sixteen sub-criteria, and the findings of the model analysis revealed that the preferred housing choice factors respectively are: Proximity, Cost, Rules and Regulations, Peace, and Privacy, followed by Maintenance, Room Arrangement, Ventilation, Internet access, Communication, Reading Section, Empathy, Culture, Common lounge, Kitchen, Social Class. It identifies the attributes that influence students' decisions on which can aid the institution's housing administrators and private landlords to improve tangible and intangible housing qualities and facilities.

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