The laryngeal mask airway and the tracheal route for drug administration

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Authors: Alexander, R., Swales, H., Pickford, A. and Smith, G.B.

Journal: Br.J.Anaesth.

Volume: 78

Issue: 2

Pages: 220-221

We undertook a study to observe if a preformed curved plastic cannula, the Trachojet, could be passed blindly down a laryngeal mask airway into the trachea in 100 anaesthetized patients. Using air aspiration and a fibreoptic scope to confirm placement of the cannula, it passed into the trachea in only 27% of patients. The air aspiration technique used for detecting tracheal cannulation was 100% successful when the cannula was inserted fully. We conclude that it may not be possible to gain access to the trachea with a Trachojet for drug administration if a laryngeal mask airway is used to maintain the patient's airway

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