Upper limb compartment syndromes: a complication of malignant hyperthermia in a patient with ill-defined myopathy

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Authors: O'Donnell, C.J., Beck, D.H., Taylor, B.L. and Smith, G.B.

Journal: Br.J.Anaesth.

Volume: 74

Issue: 3

Pages: 343-344

We report a case of compartment syndrome complicating malignant hyperthermia (MH) in a 12-yr-old girl with a history of myopathy and multiple skeletal deformities; she underwent bilateral Achilles tendon surgery. Marked oedema of both forearms became evident in the immediate postoperative period and resolved after conservative treatment. Compartment syndrome is a rare complication of MH. Early recognition and therapy may prevent the onset of muscle ischaemia and distal neurovascular deficit. The need for urgent surgery and repeated anaesthesia in the early phase of recovery from an acute episode of MH may thus be reduced

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