Continuous measurement of systemic vascular resistance

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Authors: O'Dwyer, J.P., King, J.E., Wood, C.E., Taylor, B.L. and Smith, G.B.

Journal: Anaesthesia

Volume: 49

Issue: 7

Pages: 587-590

We have successfully linked a standard patient monitor system (Hewlett Packard M1166A-A66) with the Baxter Edwards Critical-Care Swan Ganz Intellicath continuous cardiac output catheter and the Vigilance continuous cardiac output monitor system to produce continuous values of systemic vascular resistance. Six cases are presented in which marked changes in indexed systemic vascular resistance were observed as a result of clinical interventions. The continuous derivation of systemic vascular resistance has much potential as a diagnostic and research tool as well as allowing rapid accurate assessment of the response of patients to therapy

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