Motivational Segmentation of Motor Sport Attendance; Evidence from the Macau Grand Prix

Authors: Whitfield, J. and Tang, S.L.

Journal: Journal of Sport Management


This study examines and compares the motivational segmentation of Macau Grand Prix (MGP) attendees in 2010. Macau is nowadays a renowned tourist destination and the MGP has been one of the most famous tourist events in Macau since 1954. The 2011 MGP generated approximately US$4.5million, with approximately 500,000 tourists arriving in the city ensuring hotel occupancy rates were over 92%. Analysis was conducted to investigate the motivational differences across MGP attendees demographic and trip characteristics subgroups. Results suggest that MGP attendees also visited family and friends as well as for food and entertainment. Managerial implications for both the Macau government and Macau Tourist Board would be to implement a ‘See the Grand Prix and Visit Friends And Family’ as well as ‘See the Grand Prix and Enjoy The Entertainment’ marketing campaigns.

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Preferred by: Julie Whitfield