Making the most of it: Late prehistoric pastoralism in the Avon levels, severn estuary

Authors: Gardiner, J., Allen, M.J., Hamilton-Dyer, S., Laidlaw, M., Scaife, R.G., Clapham, A., Gale, R. and Loader, E.

Journal: Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society

Volume: 68

Pages: 1-39

ISSN: 0079-497X

DOI: 10.1017/S0079497X00001420


A combination of archaeological and palaeo-environmental field work in the Avon Levels, western England, has enabled a much better understanding to be reached of the complex Holocene sedimentation in this part of the Severn Estuary, and of the close relationship between the tipper part of that sequence and opportunities for exploitation of this wetland region during the later prehistoric and Romano-British periods. This paper explores that relationship, focusing in particular on two Iron Age to Romano-British sites. Both sites, at Hallen and Northwick, appear to have been short-lived and only seasonally occupied in order to exploit rich grazing but this occupation took place at different times and within rather different patterns of land-use. The paper concludes with an outline model for the human use of the Avon Levels from the Neolithic to Romano-British periods.

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Making the Most of It: Late Prehistoric Pastoralism in the Avon Levels, Severn Estuary

Authors: Gardiner, J., Allen, M.J., Hamilton-Dyer, S., Laidlaw, M. and Scaife, R.G.

Journal: Proceedings of Prehistoric Society

Volume: 68

Pages: 1-40

ISSN: 0079-497X

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