Reflective Learning and Assessment: a Systematic Study of Reflexive Learning as Evidenced in Student Learning Journals

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Authors: Shiel, C. and Jones, D.

Journal: HEAC

Pages: 1-32

This paper provides a summary of research undertaken to derive a critically informed but learner sensitive framework for facilitating the presentation and evaluation of reflective learning. The fascination with this topic arose in the context of teaching final year business undergraduates through the medium of learning journals. Initial research was undertaken to derive an analytical and empirical basis for orienting students and lecturers, to some of the key processes involved in reflective learning and the ways these can be displayed. This entailed journeying between the highly formalised language of theorists such as Van Maanen (1977, 1991) and Barnett (1992,1997) and the more loosely structured, everyday language of our students. The techniques of template analysis provided us with a methodological tool for deriving a framework, which is sensitive to both languages. An analysis of students’ learning journals deploying the framework enabled the learning and teaching to be developed and thus, facilitated students’ engagement with reflective learning.

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